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The VEX IQ robotics kit used at Bot Camp provides a powerful robotics platform capable of producing highly functional robots, while simple enough for students without robotics experience to assemble and program. It provides a broad range of challenges, providing the instructor with a versatile kit that can be used to teach everything from basic to advanced concepts. Bot Camp is one of the first robotics camps to use the VEX IQ kit in Canada.



VEX IQ Description

VEX IQ Kit Contents

Below is an example of an advanced VEX IQ robotics competition robot. This robot was built by VEX IQ Team 314A: “The Rocky Mountain πrates” from Boulder, Colorado, USA. Their robot was named “The Flying Pig” and ranked 1st in Programming Skills, 2nd in Teamwork, 4th in Robot Skills and won the Build Award in the VEX IQ Middle School Division of the 2014 VEX Robotics World Championships.

Bot Camp also uses curriculum-based resources to help instruct our students. The VEX IQ curriculum offers a comprehensive collection of activities, instructions, worksheets and games to help students learn about robotics. The Bot Camp experience is not limited just to our instructors teaching the VEX IQ curriculum, however. We do much more than that, but you should know we have a rigorous set of curriculum based tools and resources at our disposal.

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